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[Resolved]geo my wp and wp user front end integration

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    Hii, am using geo my wp plugin with, wp user frontend plugin. let me know how to add geo my wp location finder as a custom field, in wp user frontend plugin’s form in frontend. Because, i want to, get users location, when they post in frontend. And, also to provide a serach for for the posts by geo location. can u help me??



    let me know how to add geo my wp location finder as a custom field

    I am not sure exactly what you mean by that. If you looking to simply sync an address entered in WP User front-end with GEO my WP then try to follow this tutorial.


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    I am trying to integrate geo my wp with wp user frontend. The doc you have provided is not working at all.


    in the doc is a failure change cf_address to your metafield tag of the address in wpuf…
    the tutorial does not say that you need a new code for geomywp includes folder too without this code it wont work. i was going crazy on this issue for a couple times because i always forget to put in the the code after an update. i wanted to add the file but it wont let me for security reason…
    i think eyal should know of wich code im talkin about. its called geo-my-wp-geocoder.php


    Hi guys, I’ve got a similar issue. I’ve used the provided code and can successfully use the front end to map address. But not sure how to amend code to map the location field from google map? i want to pass this data to GEO my WP.

    I am using the GEO MY WP plugin to display my locations of posts.
    I am using the WP User Frontend Pro plugin to allow users to submit posts with locations on the front end.

    The WP User Frontend Pro Plugin allows me to create either an address field, or a google map location selector (or both).
    If i use the address field, i can successfully pass this information to the GEO my WP database using the below code in my theme functions.php file…

    I would instead like to use the google map location selector on my front end, and instead pass the lat long values, though i’m having trouble amending the code.

    How should i amend the code to pass lat long instead of address?


    Code Source:


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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