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    I am working on getting my site into an App using Apppresser and Reactor. Reactor requires not only the shortcode to be called but the JS and CSS if needed in a custom template.

    What would I use in the WP template file to call to JS and CSS to make it work? Right now the file looks like this attachment




    Hi Mike,
    You need to include the stylesheets using tag and the JavaScript files using the tags.
    There are few javascript and CSS files involves which also depends on the add-ons and settings that you are using.

    The best way ( I believe ) to find out which files you need to include is to use the shortcode on your desktop version and use the browser console ( I use the element inspector in Safari ) to look for the files that GEO my WP includes. You can also copy the HTML lines directly from the console ( again, using Safari ) and paste it in your file ( see attached image of my console as an example ).

    The main GEO my WP JavaScript file, for example, which loaded on every page load should be included like:

    and the main CSS file should be included like:

    I hope that helps.


    Thank, that’s a start. Still does not work perfectly, so I’ll need to dig into what other java calls need to be in the custom template


    Try the files below:
    JavaScript for the map below it is loaded from the plugin’s folder. If you are using premium add-ons you need to pull it from the add-on’s folder:

    Google Address Autocomplete:

    Are you using any of the premium add-ons?


    Awesome. Yes, I’m using the Global Map add on


    If you use Global Map in the app try the below:


    Thanks!! I’m seeing errors in the console logs. Are these useful? They don’t show up on the non-Apppresser/Reactor version of the same page using the shortcode.




    Looks like that jQuery isn’t loading at all.

    I am not too sure we are doing right.

    Can you point me to the docs where it explains how to do this?


    There’s really no true documentation. With Reactor by Apppresser, I was told to make a template with the attached¬†code and page with no content that just points to that template.

    Then I was told the following

    As for the custom template, we do not have any documentation for it as it would be more WordPress functionality than Reactor, but I have attached a basic template I used to pull in a contact form. You will need to amend this file, include a shortcode for your map if one exists. Remove my contact form shortcode and replace it with yours. If you need to include any styles or paths to JS files, you can do that in the head section.

    Once the template is ready, you need to include it in your theme files. Then, create a page on your site and use this template with it. Inside Reactor, use Page From Site and point to this new page. This worked for me but there is obviously no guarantee it will work for you, but it is worth a shot. I also would not be able to give too much support on it either as I am sure you can understand.

    Any JS you need to add will need to go in the Head section.

    Look at the source of your actual Map page on your site and locate any JS related to the mapping system in either the <head> or <footer>. Try adding that to the head on the custom template.

    See the attached screenshot for my code. I can’t upload the PHP here


    Hi Mike,
    Sorry about the delay. Have you got it working?

    If not, try removing the first five lines of GEO my WP javascript below the second section where you include the Jquery line.

    Save it and try again.


    It does not work after removing those lines.

    This link has a screenshot of what the app looks like.

    This link is what the front end looks like.



    Eyal, any update on what you think is happening?

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    Sure. In private is the cred’s.

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