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[Not resolved]Get only one country in google geocode autocomplete

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    I’d like to limit the autocomplete from google in the search from to one country (Belgium). How can I do ?
    I’m using GeoMyWP for my custom post.

    And, Is it possible to change the placeholder text via functions.php ?

    Thank you !!


    Maybe via functions.php or javascript ?


    Hello Scorman,
    It is not possible to modify the autocomplete options via the functions.php file in this version ( will be possible in version 3.0 of the plugin ). Right now you can only do this by modifying the JavaScript file.

    If you think you can edit the file I can guide you on what and where to change the code.


    =yes, if you tell me, I can edit the javascript. thank you !


    Can you tell me how do it please ?


    Oh, I find this to add in the JS file:

    It works, but if I take the city “Halle”, the search says “No results”.

    But if I search “Halle, Belgium”, then I get my results.

    Any idea what’s the problem ?

    Is there a way to add the country name behind the autocomplete ?


    Hello Scorman,
    I apologize for missing track on this ticket.

    What you described most likely happens because the city “Halle” exists in other countries as well. If that is the case then Google API probably geocodes the “Halle” that is in a different country rather than Belgium. That is way you get no results.

    There is not much to do about this at the moment ( except for messing with more core files ).

    I am at the final stage of GEO my WP version 3.0 and should have a first beta very soon. Version 3.0 has many new filters that you might be able to use to overcome this issue. If it doesn’t, I will make sure to add a filter that will help with it.

    If you get to test the beta version once it released, let me know and I will try to guide you with this issue.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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