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[Resolved]Gravity Form GEO Fields No Longer working

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    I have just upgraded my gravity forms and have now found that my map features no longer appear in the form.

    When I look at the addon’s on the GEO my WP the gravity form addon is blue and doesn’t allow me to activate it.

    What would you suggest I do to fix the problem?



    Hello Bernard,
    If you are using Gravity Forms GEO Fields version 1.5 then you should download and install version 2.0 beta 7. It marked as beta but this version is stable and can be used on production site.

    You can download version 2.0 from Your Account page.

    Version 2.0 is a major update and you might lose some of the form settings after the update. You might as well need to update the geolocation form fields.

    Below is part of the email I sent with the release of the beta version. Take alook at the changes before updating.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    This is a major update and hopefully the last beta version before the official release.

    Some of the main changed that took place in this version are listed below:

    • The plugin’s name was changed from Gravity Forms Geo Fields to Gravity Forms Geolocation. Along with its name some of the plugin’s folders and files name were changed as well.
    • The new version is now fully compatible with Gravity Forms 1.9 and higher. That includes the drag/drop of the fields buttons, settings pages, and the plugin’s framework.
    • The core of the plugin was mostly re-written from scratch to meet with the Gravity Forms add-on framework standards.
    • Many bugs were fixed in this version: “Untitled” fields being created when dragging a new field, map and auto-locator fields return inaccurate coordinates, dropdown and checkboxes fields are not being populated properly with the returned location values, issues with geocoding when submitting form via AJAX and other minor bugs fix.
    • Security patches; Fields validation/sanitazation
    • Two fields added to the “Output Location Fields” – “street number” and “Street name”. The “Street” field which combines both street number and street name is still available as well.
    • The geolocation settings page now has its own “Geolocation” tab under Gravity Forms “Settings” page.
    • Set field’s default label and settings when new field is added to the form.
    • Fix Issue with address autocomplete field when using multiple forms with the “Advanced” address field on the same page.
    • Fix: Tab index missing for address autocomplete field in “Advanced” address field.
    • Fix: returned Coordinates are not accurate when using the map or auto-locator
    • Fix: Prevent form submission on Enter key press when selecting an address from the address autocomplete suggested results
    • Fix: Map does load default location based on the coordinates set in the form editor.
    • Fix: Fatal error ( white screen ) for PHP > 5.3.0 cause by anonymous function. The plugin now supports PHP 5.2.6 and higher.
    • Fix: Index not exist notice.

    Becuase of the major changes that took place in this version some of the fields and settings of your existing forms will not work properly after the update. You will need to edit your existing forms and their settings and probably re-create some of the forms fields ( Map and Auto-locator ) and field settings.

    I am well aware of the inconvenient this might cause but unfortunately there was no way around it. I have built Gravity Forms Geolocation 2.0 from the ground up to hopefully provide you with the best possible experience; which means as less bugs as possible, enhanced performance and better user experience.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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