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[Not resolved]Gravity Forms Extension on Mobile

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    So use case is this:

    User sees a pothole / graffiti / etc in their city
    User pulls out phone, opens URL for form
    Form loads
    Form identifies location or User hits “Get location button”
    Location identified
    Address field populates with correct address.
    User submits form, form is sent to correct address based on variables

    On desktop – this works fine – correct address

    On mobile – the returned address is quite off – sometimes 2 or 3 cities off

    For the site / tool I’m building – I sorta need this corrected or all the value in buying the app is not there lol



    Hello Tony,

    Unfortunately, there is not much to do with the accuracy of the locator button. This part is done by the browser’s built-in geolocation feature ( assuming you are using the browse’rs geolocation and not the IP Address geolocation ) which relies on public IP address, cell towers, GPS, Wifi and other factors. So you might not get an accurate location at all times.

    In the Settings page of the geolocation extension ( dashboard -> Forms -> Settings -> Geolocation tab ) there is the “High Accuracy Location Mode” checkbox. By checking this, you enable the high accuracy mode of the geolocation feature and might get more accurate results.

    Give it a try and hopefully, it will help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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