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    I have recently purchased 3 different GEO my WP Add-Ons:

    * Global Maps
    * Groups locator
    * Kleo Geolocation

    I was hoping that the groups locator would automatically integrate with Kleo Geolocation. But unlike the members page, the groups page of my Buddypress site is unaltered by the groups locator or the Kleo Geolocation plugin. Is there a simple way to get the groups page in Kleo to be automatically enhanced with the geo features of the groups locator?


    Hi Michael,
    There is no simple way to integrate the groups locator page with the Kleo add-on. However, I already started the development of this feature. It is still on an early stage of the development but I am planing to release it by the end of this month. Hopefully sooner.


    Dear Eyal,

    thank you very much. That is great news. The Kleo Groups Locator integration is the missing piece for the site that I’m building and I’m very happy to hear, that the feature is about to be released.

    Best wishes


    You are welcome Michael.


    Hi Eyal,

    do you have any updates on the release plan for the Kleo Groups Location feature?



    I’m waiting for the Kleo Groups Location Add-on as well! Thanks for the great work!


    Just to keep you guys updated. I have the new version of the Kleo add-on 90% ready. I had to pause it just because I had to work on an urgent update of another add-on.

    I will continue the development of the Kleo Geolocation this week and hopefully will have a beta ready by the end of the week.

    I will let you know once it is ready.


    Hi Eyal,

    that’s great news. I’m very much looking forward to the beta test! It is really the missing link on my site! 😉



    With a short delay I have finally uploaded A beta version of Kleo Geolocation 1.2 which integrates with Groups Locator add-on.

    You can download it from Your Account page. It is a major update so bugs are expected.

    after installing the new version, navigate to GEO my WP Settings page and you should see the new Kleo Groups settings tab. The setup for the Groups page is pretty much the same way the Members page is.

    Any feedback would be appreciated



    Dear Eyal,

    thank you very much for the opportunity to test the new release. I have tested the update on my site. It works pretty well. Just two minor remarks:

    1. Switching from 1.1 to 1.2. somehow destroyed the layout of the members search page. But the groups page looks perfect! 😉 I will attach screenshots to show to you, how both members and groups pages looked before and after the update.
    2. When I perform an “empty” search on the groups page, a popup appears with a “1” as the only message. I guess, you used this for debugging and just forgot to remove it from the code, right?

    Apart from that, it looks very promising!


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    Thank you for the feedback Michael.

    I will work on the add-on this week and will provide you with another beta when I am done. Hopefully within 2 days as most of the work on the add-on is already done.


    Dear Eyal,

    do you have any updates on the matter?



    Sorry Michael for losing track on this update.

    I uploaded a new version ( 1.2 beta 2 ) which takes care of the issues you mentioned above. You can download the new beta from Your Account page.

    Please let me know if there are any issues with this version.



    I’m confused… I purchased “Kleo Geolocation” for the map to appear on the “Members” page, which it currently does. I then wanted the same map and search functionality for the “Groups” page, so I went ahead and purchased the “Groups Locator” plugin.

    After activating the “Groups Locator” plugin, the “Groups” page still looks the same – nothing has changed. How do I get the map/search on both members and groups pages? thank you

    edit: Does the Kleo Geolocation plugin here supposed to provide map/search capabilities for both the members and groups pages? or do we still need to purchase the Groups Locator plugin?


    Hi Jason,

    BP Groups support was added to Kleo Geolocation version 1.2 ( still marked as beta ). You can download version 1.2 beta 2 from your account page. You need to delete the current version of the add-on that you are using and manually install version 1.2. After installation you should see the “Kleo Groups” settings tab in GEO my WP Settings page.

    Does the Kleo Geolocation plugin here supposed to provide map/search capabilities for both the members and groups pages? or do we still need to purchase the Groups Locator plugin?

    The add-on provides geolocation features to the Kleo Members page out of the box. However, to also support the Kleo Groups page, the Groups Locator add-on is required. The Groups Location add-on will add the Location tab to the Group page where admins can add/update the Groups location.

    Let me know if that helps.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)

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