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[Resolved]help me create my global map!?

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    I’m trying to create a global map of all posts created in a certain category.
    Not having any success. I’ve greated a global form , but how do I get the posts to populate the map on the page.

    Here is a link to the posts (map shortcode is not included in page since it’s not working)

    For Sale By Owner Free Listings



    Hello Ash,
    1) Have you geotagged your posts using GEO my WP’s “Location” section?

    2) The page generates a Javascript error ( see attached ) that indicates on a conflict with another mapping plugin ( most likely ). If you have another mapping plugin installed you should either deactivate it or disable the Google Maps API call made by the plugin ( since GEO my WP already includes the Google Maps API ).

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    Does this mean that all posts have to be added manually in the location setting of each post?
    I need the post to be added automatically when the users post their listing.
    The address is already provided in the gravity form address field.


    In order for posts to show on a map they need to have coordinates ( latitude and longitude ) and not only an address.

    By default, you can add geolocation to posts using GEO my WP’s Location section from the “Edit Post” Page ( here you can learn how to add geolocation to a post ).

    When using Gravity Forms plugin together with Gravity Forms Geolocation add-on ( which you also have ) you can integrate the posts created using Gravity Forms ( from the front-end ) with GEO my WP. Which means that when creating or updating a post using Gravity Forms, the address entered will be geocoded and the coordinates will be saved in GEO my WP database table. This way the post will show on the map. Here you can learn how to setup, use and integrate Gravity Forms Geolocation with GEO my WP ( Note that this documentation page is referring to Gravity Forms Geolocation version 2.0 beta 17 which you can download from your account page ).

    Let me know if you have any other questions.



    I am using gf to post properties and already have set up the form where the address fields are “post” fields, the address creates the title of the post. I understand that in order for your plug in to map these posts the geo fields must be used.
    Is there a way to auto populate these fields in order to avoid having my users to enter the address twice?

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