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[Resolved]hide " this user update his location to" in user's profil

Forums WP Users Geolocation hide " this user update his location to" in user's profil

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    First of all thank you for your time and your great plugin.

    I use buddypress with geomywp

    I want to hide all updates of location in the activity stream and in user ‘s profil too: “this user update his position to XXX”

    Is this message is due to Geomywp? Is it possible to remove it with a function for example?


    In the same idea, in the sort by activity, is it possible to sort by position ?


    Thank you Sir


    Hi Richard,
    There is no function that disable the activity update at the moment. I probably add a filter to the next version of the plugin.

    At the moment you will need to edit a core file in order to disable this feature.

    What you can do however is use a filter to modify the output of the address fields. So if you are concerned about privacy you can have the activity update shows only the state or country where the user updated his location.

    The filter you can use for that is ‘gmw_fl_activity_address_fields’ which can be found in geo-my-wp/plugins/friends/includes/gmw-fl-update-location.php


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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