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[Resolved]Hiding street and details in profile?

Forums Geo Members Directory Hiding street and details in profile?

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    I have seen a few similar topics but this may be a tad different.

    I would like for the user to only have the option to enter their location manually.

    I would like to take away the “find my location” option, the map and the street fields.

    So all they can enter is city, state, zip code, and country.

    Is this possible? This fixes the problem of showing detailed address which users won’t be happy with.

    I have attached a screen shot of the section I am talking about.

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    At the moment, the only and the easiest way would be to simply hide the fields that you don’t need with CSS display: none.

    Because of the way the location form is setup, removing fields will break its functionality.

    This will change in the next major update of the plugin.


    Ok I can try changing the css. Do you have a little more detail on the css code changes?

    Will this be a secure enough way to keep addresses private? I just want to safely keep everyone’s info private. It is VERY important. I am fine with city state etc… But people do not like their private info public. Thanks


    Add the CSS below to the stylesheet of your child theme:

    This should hide all the location form elements except for the city, state, zipcode and country fields.


    That is perfect and works. Thank you


    You are welcome.

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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