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How can i show groups location on posts

Forums Groups Locator How can i show groups location on posts

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    SangBum Lee

    Hello Eyal,

    Rather than showing the location field in the group nav-menu.

    I was hoping to have the group location field addressed in the group description.

    I already disabled the display of the location field in the nav-menu using
    display:none ;

    Can you guide me a way to show the groups location field within the description?
    So when users are looking at a list of groups, they will at least know where they belong to before actually going into the group the check the location in the nav-menu.

    THank you in advance.

    (please refer to the attached image)

    SangBum Lee

    Hello Eyal,

    Any update on this topic ? posted a week ago


    At the moment you will need to pull the address directly from the database. I will provide a function to do so in one of the coming updates of the add-on.

    You can place the function below in the functions.php file of your theme:

    Then you can use the function with a hook if provided by your theme or add it directly in the groups template file:

    SangBum Lee

    Hello eyal,

    I have not seen a change with the following code above any idea ?

    and about this code

    echo gmw_get_group_location();

    do i add this to the index.php file in theme/buddypress ? or somewhere else ??

    There seems to be a few more group-template files.

    Please let me know

    Thank you.


    by adding the function above to the functions.php file you only create the function. So you will not see a change unless you execute the function using


    You will need to add it directly to the groups loop ( I don’t know which file that will be as it can change between different themes but the default BussyPress file is groups-loop.php ) or using a hook if the theme provides such.

    BuddyPress provide a default hook that you can try and if the theme you are using kept the default hook than it should work.

    below the main function above ( added to the functions.php file ) add the below:

    SangBum Lee


    Could you please check again for this one?

    I get a blank page and can not access to my website if i add above code.

    Do you have any plan to update this feature properly for the groups locator add-on ??

    Also, i am still curious whether you plan to make group directory add-on just as that of member directory add-on? or is your time-frame still busy with updating other things ?

    Curious 🙂


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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