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[Not resolved]How do near by post and locations work?

Forums Nearby Posts How do near by post and locations work?

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    Hi dear agent, I can’t get the following shortcode to work:

    [gmw_nearby_locations item_type=”posts” post_types=”actividad” nearby=”160″ units=”kilometers” radius=”20″ results_count=”8″ orderby=”distance” show_map=”true” map_width=”100%” map_height=”550px” map_type=”ROADMAP” show_locations_list=”false” show_image=”false” show_distance=”true” get_directions=”¿Cómo llegar?” results_template=”default”]

    I noticed you have 2 versions of Near By Locations plugin, one is gmw_nearby_locations and the other gmw_nearby_posts. Your documentation seems to be oudated because it does not reflect the usage of both versions.

    Now, I’m using a custom post type “actividad” and custom taxonomies and I want to show posts by that custom post type and taxonomy. Besides that I want to whow posts near user location and neither is working.

    Can you please provide me with an example of how it should be implemented.

    I’m using the following:

    WordPress: 4.5.3
    GEO my WP: 2.6.5
    GMW Add-on Nearby Locations: 1.1-beta-3

    I would highly appreciate asnwers to all of my questions, thanks a million and have a nice day!


    Hello Yael,

    This docs page is for Nearby Location version 1.1 ( currently in beta ) and is up to date.

    The shortcode you posted above should work. Can you please explain what exactly do you mean by “I can’t get the following shortcode to work”? You don’t see the map at all? or the wrong locations are showing on the map?

    Thank you,


    I want to display only post that are under the custom post type “actividades” and the plugin displays all post in the map.
    Then, I want to display only certain terms (custom taxonomies) that belong to custom post type “actividades”, but all locations are shown in the map.

    I’m interested in displaying only the map, not the list.

    Thanks for your grate help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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