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[Resolved]How to adjust MinZoom / MaxZoom ?

Forums Sweet Date Theme Integration How to adjust MinZoom / MaxZoom ?

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    HI Eyal,

    you might remember my setup as you took a look into it when we discussed about our Xprofile Fields issue.

    I wonder how we can adjust the min and max zoom settings in Sweetdate for the Google Map? We use city and country as location data for our members. For instance, if several members live in San Diego the long and lat codes are properly generated by Geo My WP into the center of the city. The problem is, if you zoom down to the members adress you would see the complete adress almost on house-level which compromisses privacy. However in our case we use the center of the city, this means all members in San Diego seem like to live in the same street in the same house 🙂
    In my opinion it is mandatory that the zoom level of the Google Map is adjustable so people may only zoom down as much as they can see the city where someone lives. I´m sure in different setups profiles need to be zoomed down to the street/house level so a zoom-level adjustment would come in handy, what do you think?

    Kind Regards



    Any news yet?


    Hey Markus,
    You can set the maxZoom level by editing the file geo-my-wp/third-party/sweetdate/assets/js/map.js.
    you will need to add the maxZoom argument to the map options in lines 6 – 10. For example set the maxZoom to 6:

    However, you might have a conflict with the marker clusters feature( marker grouping ). The clusters are set to expend and show their markers at certain zoom level. If that is the case you will need to either disable the marker clusters feature or you will need to edit the markerClusterer file and adjust it as needed. With that I cannot help you much since this is an external library which was not developed by me and I am not very familiar with it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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