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[Not resolved]How to Display Member's Location in Sidebar/Widget?

Forums Kleo Geolocation How to Display Member's Location in Sidebar/Widget?

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    I’m creating a custom widget and I’d like to display the users location. I searched and found that it’s being stored in wppl_friends_locator?

    I tried using do_shortcode('[gmw_user_info]') but that doesn’t do anything. It would also be great if I could remove the USA at the end of it.

    thank you!


    Hello Jason,
    Assuming that you are using BuddyPress and The Members Locator add-on of GEO my WP, you should be able to display the member’s information using the shortcode [gmw_member_info].

    one of the shortcode attributes is “info” which can be any of the address fields that you’d like to display.

    so you can do something like [gmw_member_info info=”street,city,state,zipcode”] to display all the address fields except for the country.

    You should also use the “user_id” shortcode attribute to pass the member ID. However, it the widget is placed on a member’s single page ( profile page ), then the member’s ID will pass automatically to the shortcode.

    let me know if that helps.


    I ended up using:

    Having the USA is fine since we hope people from other countries will join too 🙂

    great plugins as always

    thank you


    You are welcome Jason.
    Well, your solution is great as well. Note that you can as well pull the formatted_address column instead of address. The Formatted address will sometimes have more details in it including commas.

    Thanks for the feedback and happy new year.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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