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[Resolved]How to edit custom post types?

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    Lee Fuller

    Now that I’ve successfully been able to add custom post types using the Gravity Forms plugin and Geolocation, I would like to show a list of custom posts added by a user – and allow them to edit their custom posts with a Gravity Form that will update any geolocation information they’ve changed.

    Is there a tutorial for this? Or some basic explanation of how to do this? I’ve researched the Gravity Forms: Post Updates plugin. But don’t seem to get how to do what I’m trying to accomplish here. Any suggestions?

    Lee Fuller

    Any word on this? Just trying to find out how I can create a front-end form for the user to edit their posts that have been geo-tagged and make sure changes to address are updated properly.


    Hi Lee,
    The last time I checked, editing Gravity Forms using the Gravity Update plugin that you mentioned was possible ( I haven’t test the plugin recently ), and it should work with Gravity Geolocation extension. You can see in the description of the plugin’s page how to generate a link of a specific post to edit.

    I am not familiar with a tutorial on how to create a list of posts to edit. I don’t think it is a very simple task, so there isn’t much information that I can provide ( unless there is a feature or a plugin that does that ). You will most likely need to hire a developer to accomplish this.

    I am sorry I can’t provide more information.

    Lee Fuller

    Hi Eyal,

    Thanks for the response. So I figured out how to make this happen. Let me give a brief explanation here for the benefit of others who may be trying to do this:

    • First, if you are using the “Gravity Form: Update Posts” plugin, it will provide you with a shortcode that you can use to automatically generate a link. I have mine in an output loop that happens to feed me the POST ID of the custom post I want to edit. If you don’t have that, and simply know the POST ID, this will work as well.
    • The shortcode to generate a link is [gform_update_post_edit_link post_id=XXX url=XXX] where the first “XXX” represents the ID of the custom post you want to edit, and the second “XXX” represents the ID of the PAGE that contains the update form (see the next item).
    • As mentioned in the last item, create a page that contains the Gravity Forms shortcode – just like you would normally use to add a Gravity form to a page. The shortcode for this is simply: [gravityform id="XXX"] where “XXX” equals the ID of the Gravity Form you want to use – AND that has been properly setup with Geo My WP form fields.
    • So what happens is that the link takes you to the page that contains the Gravity Form, and since you are using the Gravity Forms: Update Posts plugin, it will recognize that you are coming to this form to UPDATE a post, and it will load all the data into the form from that post.

      There are definitely some nuances to setting up the form. I’ve learned quite a bit in the last few days. And things are finally beginning to come together.

      I hope this helps others. And if anyone needs assistance, feel free to reach out here. As long as Eyal is ok with that.

      Thanks again!

    Lee Fuller


    One thing I’ve noticed, and maybe there is just a step I’m missing here – but when a user goes to edit a post using the Gravity Forms: Posts Update method, and they do not change any information in the GeoLocator field (i.e., they make no change to their address information) when the post is saved, the geolocation data disappears, and the listing falls off the map.

    Only when the user makes a change to the address – or even re-selects their current address, does the geolocation information get populated upon saving.

    Is there something we can do to force that?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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