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[Resolved]how to install the addon?

Forums Xprofile Fields how to install the addon?

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    maybe its the monday morning, but how can i upload the xprofile addon which i just bought?
    thanks in advance!


    Hi Benjamin,
    Thank you for your purchase and support.

    You should upload and activate the add-on just like any other plugin:
    1)go to your plugins page in the admin and click on “Add new”
    2)Click “upload”
    3) choose the zip file you received when purchased the add-on
    4) After file uploaded click on activate
    5) Go to the “add-ons” page of Support and activate the add-on on the page as well
    6)Go to the “settings” page of Support and setup the add-on


    thank you!


    You are welcome


    I just purchase the premium Xprofile Fields add-on but unfortunately I can’t see all adds-on on the adds-on page (GEO my WP => Modules). I can only see the two free adds-on.
    So I can’t active the add-on i’ve just purchased !
    Please help me quickly.


    Thank you for that.
    Where you able to activate the add-on in the plugins page at all?


    No i just see the two free add-ons. I remember seeing all the add-ons before but not anymore, i don’t remember if it was before the last update ?
    Any idea ?


    Thank you you for pointing this out. It was an issue on the new site. However, you was suppose to see the Xprofiel Fields add-on anyway.

    Are you able to activate it on the Plugins page at all?


    As written in my previous posts, no I can’t activate it on the Plugins page at all. No “add new” button and I don’t see the add-on at all.


    In the previous post you were referring to the add-ons page.
    I am referring to the plugins page of WordPress not the add-ons page of GEO my WP.
    The steps need to be done are:
    1) install and activate the plugin via the plugins page of WordPress Dashboard.
    2) go to the add-ons page of GEO my WP and activate your license.


    Ok I see.
    After buying the add-on i’ve download the two following zip files:

    I have already the plugin xprofile activate on my site so i’ve been able to only install the The other one ( can’t be install because the folder already exist.

    So know i can see all the add-ons again on the add-ons page of GEOMYWP! but I can’t activate the xprofile-fields add-on, I can only click on “Get Add-on” button.
    In profil configuration there are no corresponding fields as well.

    I rather not deactivate on reinstall the xprofile plugin because I don’t want to loose all my profil configuration.


    Error, the two files downloaded are


    I could just install one of the two zip files at the time. When one is install the other one can’t be install because /wp-content/plugins/gmw-xprofile-fields/ already exist.

    But with install (instead of I see the add-on on the add-ons page and I’ve been able to activate it!

    Hope this post will be helpfull for other premium users beginners like me 😉


    I am glad it is now working. But you should only install only one of the files. The files are the same plugin but different versions. Just make sure you install the latest version.

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