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[Resolved]How to intergrate with Sweet Date?

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    First time to use this great plugin. I expect the outcome as it addressed:
    To allow users to search with location information.

    I followed the instruction of this thread as an initial setup setps:
    However, it didn’t work on my site.

    Would you please provide the proper way to integrate with the theme?
    Is that something I should do extra?
    Thank you.

    (Attachments are the screenshots of existing setting.)

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    Hi Miles,
    For members to be searchable via GEO my WP and to be displayed on the map they need to enter their location via GEO my WP’s Location tab ( in member’s profile page).

    To display the map of all users you need to place the shortcode of the form that you created in the content area of one of the pages of your site. For example for form with ID 1 the shortcode should be

    Let me know if that helps.


    Thank you Eyal. Now members are able to show their locations.

    However, I need all members show their locations when they register (by detecting the address they are or they entered maybe..).
    How can I integrate GEO information as mandatory information upon registration and update user’s location every time they login?
    I found the thread:
    you explained for the similar enquiry. Is there any alternative options for my enquiry? Thanks.


    You are welcome Miles.

    The best solution, in my opinion, would be the Xprofile Fields add-on.

    Using the add-on, members will be able to add/update their location via profile fields instead of the Location tab. That means during registration or via the “Edit Profile” page of the member profile page.

    So you can, for example, create a new xprofile fields named “address” and set it to be mandatory. Then you set it to be the address field in the xprofile fields add-on settings page. This way during registration members must enter their address which will also be saved in GEO my WP database.

    That is for registration and for updating location via member’s profile page. However, there is no option at the moment to automatically update the user location every-time he loges in. This will require a custom work.

    Let m know if you have any other questions.


    Hi Eyal,
    Thanks for the explanation.

    Is Xprofile Fields add-on the best solution to show locations via user’s zip/postcode?
    I think precise address in dating website may not be appropriate. Entering postcode and showing an approximate location will be nice.
    May I ask any other plugin can do this? Thanks.


    At the moment, the Xprofile Fields is the only solution to sync Profile Fields to GEO my WP instead of using the Location tab. Unless you create your own custom solution.

    However, in my opinion, a zip code is not really a precise address if you ask your users to only enter a zipcode without an exact address.

    Also, using some filters ( which I could help you with ) you can change the address that is being displayed per member in the search results to only show city, state or country.


    Hi Eyal, Great.

    Because I think dating website users may concern their privacy, postcode could be the best location information they prefer to enter.
    But I totally agree with your idea. Asking user to enter whole address and display without details.
    In this scenario, it can avoid a problem that if two users in the same suburb it can still be measurable to show the distance between them. (showing and pinning the postcode only but measuring via precise address)

    Am I correct?
    If so please assist me after I install Xprofile Fields.

    By the way, since I install GEP my WP, each time I go to my website it ask me to allow location information (I use Safari). Does the feature need further implementation because after I click “allow” it shows unavailable?


    In this scenario, it can avoid a problem that if two users in the same suburb it can still be measurable to show the distance between them. (showing and pinning the postcode only but measuring via precise address)

    Well, thinking about it now, you can modify the address displayed per member but the pin on the map would show the exact location of the user. That is because the pin displayed on the map based on the coordinates in the database and not based on the address displayed in the results. For the pins issues, you can modify the max map zoom using a filter as well. Which means that a visitor will be able to zoom in the map only enough to see the area where the user lives and not zoom all the way to be able to see the detailed location.


    Ok. Thank you Eyal. I will choose Xprofile Fields.
    Please assist me in future enquiry.


    Not a problem.

    I am closing this topic and mark it resolve. Feel free to start a new topic when you are ready.

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