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[Not resolved]How to "lock location" and then filter results?

Forums WP Users Geolocation How to "lock location" and then filter results?

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    Thank you for your time. I am having a conundrum, trying to get this plugin to work, trying to do what I want. I was hoping that you could tell me if I’m “barking up the wrong tree” or if this plugin can help me.

    My site is, a site built on user-submitted posts from limitless number of locations. By default all posts are displayed in a thumbnail “pinterest-style” grid that “previews each post” and the user can filter through these posts by categories, which are displayed on the header bar.

    Ideally,(what I would like to do), I want to recognize the users location and only display posts from their location. This way, this site can work for multiple locations without having multiple sites. I don’t want to post “results” onto a different page in a different format, and I don’t want to see a map. This “user location” is then “locked in” and user can browse through different categories and also select a post to see the details without “losing” this location. The post details would then have all the info and related map. If the system can’t recognize the user location, there would be a default location/radius, or the user can also select a different location to search if they wish.

    I am using WP User frontend plus integrated with Paid Memberships Pro. Someone that i’m working with feels that I need to abandon GEO my WP and use WP Store Locator, but I would rather not, because that I feel will open up a whole new “can of worms”.

    In your opinion, is this something that I can do? I await your reply.

    Thank you!

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