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[Resolved]How to specify lat/long location?

Forums Groups Locator How to specify lat/long location?

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    Guy Fraser

    One of my groups relates to a farm, which is in a field in the middle of nowhere = no address.

    I can get the latitude/longitude for the farm but the address box changes it to the nearest known address when saving = wrong place shown on map.


    I am not sure I understand:
    “I can get the latitude/longitude for the farm but the address box changes it to the nearest known address when saving = wrong place shown on map.”

    which address do you enter in the address box if all you have is lat/long?

    And there is no support of Lat/long for the Groups Locator yet. But I was planing on it.
    I am now going through each add-on and update it with bug fixes and make sure it work with BP 2.0. Once I get to the Groups Locator add-on I will look into adding Lat/long support.

    Guy Fraser

    I pasted lat,long numbers in to the address field, at which point it did an auto-suggest of the nearest postal address to that lat,long. Even though I didn’t click the suggestion (pressed Esc to hide suggest popup) it still decided to use the postal address rather than the lat long I’d entered. It would be nice if the address box could detect when a lat,long is entered and just use that (rather than trying to convert to a postal address). I realise that might cause some issues elsewhere – eg. UI where address is shown, but it’s vital as most of the places I’m involved with are in countryside or out at sea and thus have no postal address.


    When you see the suggested results if you click outside the box of the results it should not choose any address. However, Google API will still geocode it to the nearest address it know about the lat/long and the address will be saved in the database.

    Guy Fraser

    Yup. I tried clicking outside the results (suggestions popup disappeared, the lat long was still present in the address box), however when I save the form it seems to still choose whatever the first result in that popup was. When I go to look at the map in the location tab it shows the address instead of the lat,long location I’d entered.


    This is the way it suppose to work. Google API will alway get an address when it geocodes coordinates. And the geocode function saves each of the location components into database.
    Then when you go to the page with the map you will see the address because the field being displayed there is the formatted_address field from the database. You will need to change the output of the field to display the coordinated instead if that is what you want.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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