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    I want to know e understand the function of maptag number.

    It seems to correspond at number of user+1 but what is the utility?
    How can I set only tag like this for single user on map?

    I have the follow addons:
    Geo Members Directory
    Premium Settings
    Xprofile Fields

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    Hello Caludio,
    The markers number should represent the location of the members in the list of results. So marker with the number 1 belongs to the first member in the list of results and so on. In the attached image I see two markers with the number six which should not happen. Can you post a link to the live map so I could take a look?


    Hi I put the link in private content,

    now I have any different problem in console 🙁

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    I solved last problem, the form maker plugin (web-dorado) is incompatible.

    Remain the problem with number of geotag

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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