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Implementing Map Styles

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    Hi Eyal,

    First let me say, you have been fantastic in helping us implement your code. We are very happy with your support. Everything is going as planned with our project. We have a few more things to implement.

    For this week, we are trying to bring in the map styles on our page, as posted on your tutorial

    there is no file called ‘geo-my-wp/includes/geo-my-wpfunctions.php’ in my plug in folder. we are using the newest one i blieve

    there is however a file called geo-my-wp-template-functions.php

    however, i do not see the function
    add_action( ‘gmw_map_styles’, ‘gmw_map_styles’ );

    in that file.

    2) this is the exact syntax listed in the tutorial.. is it correct? I don’t see an ‘{‘

    function gmw_map_styles( $gmw )

    add_action( ‘gmw_map_styles’, ‘gmw_map_styles’ );

    3) will we need to wrap it in the jquery tag, as listed in the bottom of the tutorial by Ben Rosati?

    jQuery(document).ready(function() { });



    YOu are welcome Ttdev I am glad I could help.

    I need to update the toturial for the map styles. I created it based on GEO my WP 2.5 beta but few things has changed in the final release of GEO my WP so indeed it will not work for you.

    I will try to update it by tomorrow or the weekend as few other users have asked about this.


    HI Eyal,

    I hope you had a sweet holiday. We are getting back to work on the site tomorrow..any word on when some instructions will be posted on how to implement the custom map styles?



    I am trying to style my maps and looking at the tutorial.  The last part of the tutorial says that the code should look like this but I don’t see the code.  Please help me with what code should be pasted in the function.php file.  The blue water example would work perfectly.




    Found this plugin that works awesome for easily customizing your maps.



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