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[Resolved]impoirt wont work, and job search result wont work

Forums Geo Job Manager impoirt wont work, and job search result wont work

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    my import and job result dont work.


    Hello Mohamed,
    Thank you for the purchase.

    1) How do you know that the importer doesn’t work? Are you getting an error message?

    2) Looking at the “Jobs” page of your site I see that Geo Job manager is not applied to it. to apply the GEO features you will first need to make sure that the “Template” of the Jobs page is set to “default template” ( in page editor). Then add the shortcode [jobs gjm_use=”2″] to the content are of the page. Save the page and test it again to see if the GEO features being applied to the page.

    Thank you,

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    1) when i click import, the page loads and then i get the message: “No locations were imported.”

    2) it was applied actually. i put [jobs gjm_use=”2″] and used default template as instructed in the doc.


    Thank you for the info.
    Another thing you should check is if the jobs location being geocoded. Go to “Edit Post” page of one of the jobs and check if the location custom fields exists. When location is successful geocoded you will see custom fields such as geolocation_street, geolocation_city, geolocation_state, geolocation_lat and so on.
    If they do not exists that means that for some reason the locations are not being geocoded and that is most likely the reason why there are no results.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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