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Import Listings

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    Is there a way to import the listings with a spreadsheet? I have about 200,000 listings I need to import.


    there is no way todo it using the plugin right now but if the spreadsheet has the information needed such as the latitude/longitude and the address fields for each listing you might be able to use a script that i’ve used before.

    otherwise each listing must be entered and saved using the add/edit post in order to be geocoded.


    Where can I find the script you mentioned?


    I would be interested in this script as well.



    Please contact me at and we’ll see if we can make this work.


    My apology, i just now see that you were asking about the script. If still needed please contact me via email as well.


    I had the same issue, i solved it with WPallImport (
    It has support for hooks and functions so after importing / saving any post, just reference to some function in order to save the location data for GeoMyWP.
    Make sure you have the custom fields imported, otherwise this will not work.
    (not all custom fields are required)

    Put the stuff below in your theme function file:
    (just to be complete, I have the gravity forms addon and I use one of those functions (gmw_gf_add_location) to make sure the post is handled by GeoMyWP and put into the seperate database table.

    define(‘GMW_GF_PATH’, plugin_dir_path(dirname(__FILE__)) . ‘gmw-gravity-forms/’);
    include_once GMW_GF_PATH . ‘includes/functions2.php’;

    add_action(‘pmxi_saved_post’, ‘gmw_gf_add_location2’, 10, 2);


    Does this method still work for importing location data since GMW isn’t using these fields anymore?


    I was able import my location data to wp_places_locator table. It was pretty easy. I created a csv file that matched the structure of this table, added the post_id and corresponding lat/long coordinates. It was simple to import via phpMyAdmin.

    Worked like a charm!


    Thank you Kevin for the tip. I will make this post sticky hopefully other users will find this information useful.

    Rhys Harry

    I can see it’s been raised a few times on this forum but i’m struggling to find a solution.

    I need GMW to take location data from posts created by an automated, mass import plugin – WP All Import.

    I’m need to build a real estate website that pulls in property data from external software.

    The front end needs a search function that GMW looks perfect for (radius etc.) but i also need to put other criteria in the search (property value etc.)

    Is there a way to achieve this? Willing to pay for bespoke programming to get the 2 plugins to play nicely.



    I’m right there with Rhys,

    Eyal this feature should be a given in a plugin that manages filtering of post types. Previously I was easily able to do the above with much less steps, after your more recent updates I’m stuck and cannot import—regardless though, these are steps that shouldn’t have to be made. Is there any coming resolution to this that doesn’t require developers to do so much work?


    We are facing the same problem. We imported jobs via a XML with WPimportALl. Everything works great except the GEO location update.

    We have to update every job manually to activate the GEO inside the job. Please help us to make this work.

    The location or adress in imported correct but GEOMYWP doesn’t update it automatically.

    Hope there is a solution. Please help your clients with this problem.

    Kind regards,


    I have been working on some tools which will be part of the coming update of GEO my WP. Right now the tools provides an export/import solution but only for posts which have coordinates already.

    Do the jobs you are importing already have latitude and longitude ?

    If not it will be a bit more complex to create a solution, yet I am working on it. That is because each job imported will need to be geocoded and saved in database. And because of Google API limits when it comes to geocoding it makes the script a bit more complicated.

    There is already a solution for export/import locations between different sites. It is part of coming update of Geo my WP. IF you’d like to help me testing it let me know and I will email you a copy of the beta.


    Hi Eyal,

    Thanks for your fast respons!

    We only get a zipcode or city location from our clients in XML, so we don’t have a longitude and latitude.
    We are very happy that you are working on a solution for it, and we are prepared to pay a additional fee for development cost.

    So can you sent me an email about it and we can talk about it. We can also help you with testing it.
    We have to make a decicion to hire a developer to build it, or we can help you with it.

    We prefere the last option!


    Hi Eyal,

    I didn’t get any feedback on my last message. Can we help or can you tell me more about the status?

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