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    I am really sorry but that missed your latest posts. The latest version of BBPress has a bug which prevents notifications from being sent. After updating the plugin on my site I didn’t get any of your ( or other users ) posts.

    The import tool that you need is possible to build but won’t be very simple. The script will need to retrieve all the locations that need to be imported. It will loop through them and will need to geocode each one of them. The script will also need to check if the geocode was success or if not and mark the post. It will need to check for OVER_QUERY_LIMIT from google. And if it does it will need to be stopped and continue the next day or so.
    And there are other things involve which makes the script a bit more complex.

    Again, it is definitely possible and I am willing to contact you and see if we can work something out.

    Another issue you might have is with the jobs location. Jobs with only zipcode might be geocoded and retrieve some of the information about the location. However, jobs with only city might not be geocoded or the results won’t be correct. That is for the reason that many city names exist more than once ( in deferent states or even countries ) and Google API cannot know which one to geocode.

    Let me know if you still need help with that.

    Again, I apologize for not responding earlier. I didn’t mean to ignore you but it was a bug in a plugin that prevent me from getting your new posts.


    Hi Eyal,

    No problem! Thanks for the respons!
    Yes we still need a solution, and I think a lot of other clients are facing the same problem.

    I don’t know what the best way is to build it. Do you have some time to build it? We can support it financial with a donation.

    Is it possible to discuss on Skype so we can talk more about it.

    Kind regards,

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    Hi Eyal,

    Yesteray I’ve purchased two add ons after installing GeomyWP. Your fantastic plugin + add ons offer almost everything I need. Almost, except for a way to import existing location based data in csv/excel/whatever. There is no way I can manually add and geocode like a 100.000 records. I can provide long/lat-info within my files, that’s no problem.

    Any news on this? Can we expect a new release offering import functionality soon? Any workaround you can think of?

    Best regards,



    Hi Marcel,
    Thank you for the purchases.

    GEO my WP 2.5 already has few importing/exporting features. It is still in beta but you can try using it just for the importing part. And depends on the add-ons that you purchased ( few add-ons already compatible ) you might be able to keep using GEO my WP 2.5 if you’d like it and it works well for you.

    One of the importing features ( “Import Posts Types Locations Using Custom post_meta” ) allows you to import the locations if the location components attached to the custom fields of your posts. So what I’d suggest is to find a WordPress imported that will import your locations from a file to your site by creating them as posts ( could be of any post type ) and map each address components into custom fields of your choice.
    After you done so use the “Import Posts Types Locations Using Custom post_meta” importing feature to import the locations into GEO my WP. You will need to set the custom field for each of the address component and click “Import”.

    You will need the lat/long fields in order for it to work.

    As it is a beta version i’d also suggest to import a small number of location to test it first before you import all of the records that you have.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    Has anyone come up with a simple way to import a large list of stores? I have a custom post type called ‘stores’ that GeoMyWP is working with. We need a way to create a large CSV list of stores, import it, and then have it all working with GeoMyWP. Not really sure how to accomplish this.



    Has there been any progress on this feature? Do we still have to do it through another plugin to import into a custom post type with custom fields and then migrate it over?

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