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[Resolved]Import users locations

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    Nasco Lam


    Is it possible to import the locations for all users at once?
    Or to add the addresses for the users one by one as administrator (role)?




    Hi Nasco,
    Unfortunately, there is no members importer for GEO my WP at the moment. You will need to write a custom importer for that.

    Where do you need to import the locations from?

    Nasco Lam


    I have to import them from a CSV file.


    Hi Nasco,
    I don’t see a simple solution for that.

    Basically, members location data is saved in GEO my WP custom database table “wppl_friends_locator”. Locations must have latitude and longitude in order to be searchable and each location is connected to the member by the User ID.

    So, if the CSV file has the address and coordinates for each location then you can probably use an importer plugin to import the locations to wppl_friends_locator table. However, you will then need to update each location with its user ID which can take time if you have many locations.

    Sorry that I don’t have a better solution at the moment.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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