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[Resolved]Importing Database of Post Type – _wppl_address not populating

Forums Bug Reports Importing Database of Post Type – _wppl_address not populating

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    I used to be able to upload a CSV with all my post types and update them or add new entries. I just imported to add new addresses after updating the plugin and I’m not able to get the _wppl_address entries to populate on the back end.

    I know you need the LAT & LONG for them to actually populate—but, as a time saver I was having some interns go through and click the address field that was imported (_wppl_address) and it would auto generate the rest of the information > and then publish.

    For some reason—importing the _wppl_address doesn’t appear at all. Is there a way I can import just the full address field and have it populate the information? Is there a script I can run that will process many posts without having to manually work each one?

    I have about 1200 posts that need to be imported, is there anyway I can do this without the LAT & LONG?


    Hello Yumyam,
    Sorry about the delay.
    The latest major update of Geo my WP I dropped the support of custom fields for few reasons. This is the reason the custom field _wppl_address does not exists.

    In Order to import your location from one site to another you will need to export/import the posts of your site as normal using WordPress importer and then somehow export/import the custom table of GEO my WP. The thing is that the locations in GEO my WP connected to their with the post ID. So when transferring the posts and the location the posts ID’s must stay the same.

    Unfortunately I didn’t see this issue when I dropped the support in custom fields.
    What you could do is write a script that will loop through all the locations in the custom table of GEO my WP and create the _wppl_address custom field for each post. It shouldn’t be difficult at all ( if you know some PHP ).


    Thanks Eyal,

    Do you have an example of this loop? Where should it be placed so that it wont interfere with plugin updates?


    When reading your post again I realize that creating the address custom field ( _wppl_address ) won’t solve your problem. That is because the plugin is not depending on the location information directly from the custom table in the database and not from the custom fields.
    I will need to look into a proper import/export solution. At the moment you will need to export/import the information as suggested above.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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