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[Resolved]Include Taxonomy Term in Search Field

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    Loving the plugin – just a few issues that I’m working through. First, I would like to include not only the post title and post content in the keyword search, but I would like to have it include custom taxonomies as well. I know this is possible using a taxonomy dropdown, but I’d like users to simply be able to enter a keyword and search based on that.

    Is that something that is easy to accomplish?


    Matt Whiteley

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    Hi Matt,
    This can most likely be done by manipulation of the search query. However, I have never got to try this and I am not sure if it can be easily done. I am also not sure how it will effect the performance of the plugin.

    I apologize, but there is not much that I can help you with but to show you in which files the search query is done.


    Hello Eyal – again thank you for the reply. I think I have a workaround that is acceptable for the client. I use ACF and have all content in custom fields, and don’t use the default WordPress content area. So I’m having her add her keywords to the WordPress content area, which doesn’t display on the front end, but is queried along with the post title, so it is returning in the search results as needed.

    Not the ideal solution, but working for what we need.




    Thats awesome Matt.

    That’s is true that this is not the most ideal solution. But the ideal solution is not always possible nor can be easily done.

    Anyway, I am glad you got it working.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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