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[Resolved]Infobox in single & and some questions

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    Hello Eyal !

    1/ I’ve a problem with the detail page and the map : my custom infobox doesn’t work in this page… It’s work perfectly on result page and global map, but not in a single detail page… (I’ve posted the screenshots here)

    2/ An other question : Can I just remove the alert of over query limit ?

    3/ And one more thing, is it possible to translate the “Your location” mention on the map ? I’ve search on the code but I’ve saw nothing about that…

    So, many thanks for your excellent work and the last update for the “No results found”.




    Hello Jeremie,

    1) The single location map uses it own info window and cannot be modified like the info window comes with Global Maps and Premium Settings. But I will look into that for the future.

    2)Where alert? When do you get it?

    3) How do you want to translate? Are you translating the plugin using the language field or do you want to translate only that?


    Hi !

    Ok for the first point, no problem.

    The alert Over query limit appear when you search with autolocation or just before the result page.

    For the translation, just inside the template or with the .po file, but I didn’t find anything about that…

    Thank you !


    Hi Jérémie,
    2) Looks like the Query Limit message is a bug. I can see that on my test site as well. Do you have the “JavaScript Geocoding” feature ( GEO my WP -> Settings -> General Settings tab ) checkbox checked ? if so please uncheck it and see if you still get the error. I am trying to find out if we are both have the same problem or maybe it is a different problem.

    3) I will check the translation files and see if the text is missing there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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