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[Feature request]Initial map zoom not working

Forums Global Maps Initial map zoom not working

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    John Hume


    I changed the setting for the initial map zoom on my form, but the map stays completely zoomed out. Also, is there any way to set the location of the centre of the map on initial load?

    I have map pins in Australia and Russia but I want the map to zoom in on USA only.




    Hi John,
    It is not possible at the moment to set the default location to zoom into. Right now the zoom level is for the marker that represents the user’s current location. If the user’s marker does not exists on the map the plugin will auto-fit all markers within the map.

    I marked this topic as feature requested. will see if I can come up with a solution for your request in the version I am currently working on.

    John Hume

    Thank you Eyal, that would be fantastic!

    I was hesitant to change the module directly because my changes would be wiped out on the next update but if you add this functionality then I don’t have to worry about that 🙂



    I have the same question / request, although I really thought that zoom_level was working, but now it isn’t anymore.

    I’m using the latest version with this shortcode in my text widget:

    [gmw_single_location map_width=”220px” map_height=”220px” elements=”map,address” address_fields=”city” zoom_level=”10″]

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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