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[Resolved]Inserting a map based on search results

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    Hell, With this plugin, if I would like a small map that reflects the search result to show up on the search result page in my site, how do I configure this? I would like to be able to place this map in a certain area on the page and have it be a custom size that fits.


    To display a search results map you can use the shortcode [gmw map=”form ID”].

    This is cannot be done with a Global Map but with a normal Post Type Locator or Members Locator forms.

    1) Create new or edit an existing form( let’s say the form ID is 1 ) and set it up as you wish.
    2) In the “Search Results” tab of the form set the “Display map” feature to “use Shortcode”.
    3) place the shortcode [gmw search_form=”1″] where you want to display the search form.
    4) Place the shortcode [gmw search_results=”1″] where you want to display the list of results.
    5) Place the shortcode [gmw map=”1″] where ever you want to display the map.

    Note, To display the map using a shortcode you must use both shortcodes [gmw map=”1″] and [gmw search_results=”1″] on the same page regardless if you display the list of results or not.

    The map dimensions you can set in the “Results Map” tab of the form.

    I hope that helps.


    Just checking if the above solution worked for you.


    Yes thank you. 😉


    You are very welcome.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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