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[Resolved]Issue with Divi Theme and adding location to Post

Forums Bug Reports Issue with Divi Theme and adding location to Post

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    Hi, I’m new with Geo My WP and I’m using your plugin for a project about “guest house’s annuary”, the issue appear when creating new post and adding location.The map is showing the default position as I set in Option but I can’t move on, the others Geo My WP fields don’t work too, they still load but nothing appear. The plugin work fine with other Themes but not with Divi theme by Elegant, I know that the issue comes from the theme but I hope that you’ve got solution for me.Sorry for my bad Engish 😉 I’m Malagasy so I’m better with French language. Thanks


    Hello Eddy and Welcome to GEO my WP community :).

    Just yesterday another user reported the same issue. Indeed, it is a conflict between GEO my WP and the Divi theme since both are calling the Google Maps API.

    That was my reply to the other user:

    You can try disabling the Google API call made by DIVI theme but it seems that you can only do so manually by editing a core file.

    the file is:

    and you need to mark out line 2365 which should be :

    I am not sure how it will effect the functionality of the DIVI maps but I think it will fix the issue with GEO my WP.

    Let me know if that helps.


    Thanks, I’m going to try this and I’ll return to tell the result.


    It’s working fine, many thanks for help!I don’t have to search for an another plugin.


    Eyal Fitoussi,

    Are you guys planning on fixing this issue sometime soon?

    My clients might upgrade their theme on their own, overriding the changes to the Divi core files, which breaks their site.

    Please help us!



    This needs to be addressed on the theme’s side and not GEO my WP. You can read this topic for more information.

    You should contact the DIVI developer regarding this topic.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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