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[Not resolved]Issue with WPML in subdomain setting

Forums Bug Reports Issue with WPML in subdomain setting

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    Hi Eyal,

    when using geomywp with WPML in subdomain configuration :

    Works well on the default domain (

    But on a subdomain ( you click a marker on the map to show the info box it keeps spinning indefinitely.


    It works also if you choose WPML option :languages in directory ( or parameter (

    Can we make it work with the WPML subdomain configuration.

    Thank you,



    Hello Thibaud,

    I apologize for missing out your post.

    Are you still having this issue?


    Hello Eyal,
    yes i’m still facing the issue.
    For the moment I have chosen to switch to languages in repertory but would prefer in subdomains.
    However this is not an emergency as the website is in development.

    Up to you if you think it is important / or a bug, that it doesn’t work cross subdomains, or more important, different languages per domain, or probably on a multisite network.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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