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[Resolved]Job Address autocomplete broken after upgrade to Jobs Geolocation

Forums Geo Job Manager Job Address autocomplete broken after upgrade to Jobs Geolocation

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    Hi Eyal,

    After upgrading from Geo JobManager Version to Jobs Geolocation, the autocomplete function no longer works when creating a job.

    I had to roll back the database and files to restore the old plugin and return to the old version.

    I’ve duplicated the website on my local machine and have run the upgrade there. I’ve discovered by changing to the default theme the dropdown returns. However I can’t find what is causing the conflict!

    Something has changed in the update from to but I don’t know what it is. I’ve disabled as many of my custom functions as I can but that doesn’t resolve the issue. There are no errors shown in the console. I’m using a custom theme cased on Zurb Foundation 5.

    Can you suggest what has changed between versions that might be causing this?




    We are also running WP Job Manager – Resume Manager Version 1.14.0 and the autocomplete dropdown works as expected when creating a resume and entering a location.

    The issue is only with the Jobs location dropdown.


    Hi James,
    The JavaScript file that responsible for Google API features ( map, autocomplete and so on ) was rebuilt from scratch in version 1.7.

    Usually these kind of issues will trigger Javascript errors. But since there aren’t any error it is difficult to know what causes the issue.

    Is it possible to update the plugin again and provide a link to the live site?


    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Unfortunately, I can’t upgrade the “live” site since we need to correctly geocode locations. Being in the UK we have places like Boston, Lincoln, California, Manchester and there’s a danger these could be geocoded to the US.

    I’ll copy the site to a spare domain and I can then give you access. Would that be OK?




    That would be perfect. Event better so I won’t mess up anything on a live site :).

    Let me know when it is ready and I will take a look.


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    Sorry, to continue, all the latest versions of wpjobmanager plugins and your Geo plugins.


    OK, found the problem. I’d unset the company fields since we don’t use them, but gjm-functions runs function gjm_address_autocomplete_front_end() after submit_job_form_company_fields_end!

    I’ll see if I can use CSS to hide the fields and make them not-required.




    Thank you James for finding and posting the issue.

    I already modified the autocomplete function to use a different filter. I will release an update shortly.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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