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    Geo Job Manager is incompatible with the Jobify “Jobify Template.” If I set a page as Jobs+Maps template, or even Default page template, GJM works. However, I need to display featured (spotlight) jobs on the homepage, so I need to use the Jobify template.


    Hello Christine,
    Thank you for the purchase.

    Geo Job Manager features can be added to the Jobs search form by adding the gjm_ shortcode attributes to the [jobs] shortcode. Geo Job Manager is not directly compatible with the “Jobify template” because the [jobs] shortcode is placed within the Jobify template file and not within the content area of the page. At the moment in order to apply the Geolocation features to the “Jobify template” you will need to edit the Jobify template file and apply the gjm_ attributes to the [jobs] shortcode.

    When I first worked on the integration with Jobify theme It wasn’t possible to make a direct integration with the “Jobify template” ( I did try ) because I couldn’t dynamically modify the [job] shortcode within the template file. There were no filters provided.

    I will take a look again now to see if it is possible to apply a direct integration with the “Jobify template”. If it is I will add the feature to the version that I am currently working on.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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