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    Brad B

    Hi, I purchased your software yesterday and reset my wordpress site to delete my test content. Unfortunately, it also deactivated the plugin and reset the license key. It would not except my purchased License Key upon reentry. Thank you in advance!


    Hi Brad,
    Thank you for the purchase.
    I reset your license key. You can try to activate it again.
    Let me know if you are still having issues.

    Thank you

    Brad B

    Thank you for the response, however it is still not accepting the key. I am getting this message: Something is wrong with the key you entered. Please check your key and try again.

    I also tried manually reinstalling the plugin, same issue.


    Can you please post the key that you are using. You can set the post to private.


    Yep, the key is fine. I am not sure where the issue is. can you please give me the site that you are trying to activate it on. I will manually add the site to the activation list and see if it will solve it.

    BTW, was it working before you reset your wordpress site?

    Brad B

    Sorry for the delayed response, was on vacation.

    It still says there is something wrong with the key. Yes, it was working before I reset the website. Also, it does not execute a search (on search page or with widget), it simply returns me to the homepage. I have the correct shortcode on the search page as well as the correct shortcode on the results page.

    I have attached a picture for you as well. I have tried to activate the key with the older version of GMW, the newer version, with the premium settings plugin activated, and so on.

    Thank you once again for your help.


    Hi Brad,
    I believe that you search form doesn’t work because your permalinks set to default. If this is the case you will need to change the permalinks to anything else but the default.

    As for you key, please try the steps below:
    1) IN go to Account -> Purchase History. You will see your purchases in that page.
    2)Click on “View Licenses” of the add-on that you are trying to activate.
    3) Next page click on “Manage site”.
    4) Try adding your site to the list of sites that you wan to activate.
    5) Go back to your site and try to activate it again.

    I am not sure but the activation issue could also as todo with the permalink. So after setting the permalink to other than default try to activate it again.

    Let me know if any of the above works.

    Brad B

    The site now properly works with the change in permalinks, thank you for that! However, the license key is still getting the same response when attempting to activate (even with adding the site to the list).

    Brad B

    The Premium Settings worked with the last delete/install.

    Thank you for all your help and this excellent plugin, I am very satisfied.


    Perfect! I am glad you solved it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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