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List of quick qustions A – R

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    We have some short qustion list here. This 3 fields, found in the Location tab:

    “This is your saved location (this box must contain an address, latitude and longitude).”

    Whatever saved in Lat/ Long here will be :

    – My location in the Members widget

    – My location when someone else searching for me

    – My location in Near by widget

    1) True?

    And then qustions A – R

    if so, If Im logged in, and located like:

    Hello, thomas! Stockholm ,V�stra G�talands l�n

    A) Will other users find me “near by” from that data or from the saved Location tab field?

    B) Will other users find me “search results” from that data or from the saved Location tab field?

    If Im logged in, and located like:

    Hello, thomas! Stockholm ,Västra Götalands län

    C) Will other NEAR BY members be calculated from that data or from the saved Location tab field?

    D) Will my own SEARCH RESULTS of members proximity be calculated from that data or from the saved Location tab field?

    If Im logged in, and located like:

    Hello, thomas! Stockholm ,Västra Götalands län

    E) If I type another field value in the SEARCH FORM, like “Warzawa, Poland” it will override “Hello, thomas! Stockholm ,….” AND saved Location tab field?

    F) if so, if I clear that field (leave it blank) and Submit search, With data is the fallback? The “Hallo…” or “Location tab field”

    The xprofile data fields:

    G)  if ALL xprofile fields as Street, Zip, etc etc does not exists, The plugin dont use any of theese fields. True?

    H)  The String xprofile field “Address” must be there to get this plugin to work?

    I)  The required field dont need to be called Street, it can be called “Whatever”, its the ID that matters. True?

    J) The xprofile fields is just a helper to feed the plugin with coordinates and a field data as “City” never accesses directly in a function, its just provide data to a another field? True?

    K) The “User location” widget (me) never read xprofile fields. True?

    L) The “User location: Hello, thomas! Stockholm ,Västra Götalands län…” always override whatever saved in the xprofile fields?

    M) The “Members location” widget (other users) never read xprofile fields. It reads data from lat/long saved in Location tab? / meta table. True?

    N) When changing xprofile fields like “City”, nothing happens for the plugin. The location MUST be set in Location TAB and SAVED, to take effect on other members “search” or “Near by” Widget.

    When a user create an account :

    O) No data is stored for the plugin in register process/ the plugin do not start to use any of the new account data?

    P) (as part of O) If yes, Only if ALL xprofile fields like Zipcode, street .. bla bla.. are FIILED IN and saved in the register process. True?

    New or Existing accounts :

    Q) User MUST save an complete “Location tab data saved” to be plublic i NEAR BY or Pinned on a map (search result) = force every user to go there and save their location? true?

    R) BUT if  not complete location data: user = invisible near by, the member will STILL show in the POST (loop) search result, based on Xprofile field stored data? (The “locate data” treats like NULL, as unchecked “banana” or “apple”)?


    The question R will be another thread, for how the search engine works. But a quicky might help right now..


    We are little confused here… sorry for the long list.

    if( function exists(‘Intervik’)) die() !!! ;









    Wow, little dizzy 🙂

    Let me explain how everything works and hopefully covers not only A-R but A-Z.

    The location tab as well as the xprofile fields are being connected to each other once you check the the checkbox in the setting page and fill the address fields with the IDs. Yes,The name of the xprofile fields can be whatever what important are the IDs.

    In the new update ill send you you don’t have to use all the address fields you can create only zipcode and country or city and state or whatever. In the location tab user don’t have to fill up all the fields but the important thing is that the lat/long being return.

    Like I said, location tab and the xprofile fields are working together. Which Means that if you update the location from the profile fields it will be also updated in the location tab and vice versa which actually this location is saved in the database

    That location above shows the user’s “permanent” location. Could be home, work place or whatever.

    The user’s current location widget has nothing todo with the location tab/xprofile fields. The users current location widget shows the logged in/non logged in user’s current location. Maybe he is at home or at the mall or different country. This location saved via cookies. The near by widget using the cookies to display members near that location using their location saved in database(location tab/xprofile fields). So if you’ll visit Fort Lauderdale and go to my site and click on locate me the plugin will save your location in the cookies reload the page and based on that will display results in the near by widget. In that widget you’ll see me cause my location in the database is in Fort Lauderdale. And the distance will be calculate from where you at to where I live.

    Now, Your current location in the widget which is “Hello Intervik, your current location is Fort lauderdale ,fl” has nothing to do with your location in the profile fields/location tab. in those fields (database) your location will still be where you live or work or what ever you entered. it will not change based on the “user current location widget” and people who look for you will still see you under the location in the database and not in fort lauderdale.

    So the user current location widget is just to update your current location via locate me button or by entering location menually and save it via cookies.

    Same way it works when you enter address in the search box of the search form. No matter where you are if you’ll enter Fort Lauderdale the plugin will results with members live in the radius you enter from fort lauderdale.
    If you leave the address field in the search form empty and click submit it will simply display all the members in the database regardless to where you at.

    When user first register and enter his location this location will be saved in the database. so when the user logs in after activation he will see the same location in the xprofile fields and the “location” tab.

    So lets see:

    1) Xprofile fields and “location” tab are connected. they are representing the member’s permanent location. just two different ways for the member to modify his location and this location is being saved in the database. If member modify his location via profile fields it will also changed in the location tab and vice versa.

    2) User current location widget represent the current location of the user that visits the site. the site first trying to automatically get his location and if found saved it via cookies. User can also click on locate me button and the location found being saved via cookies or he can enter the location manually in the input box and that being saved in cookies as well.
    When you change this location in the current location widget it does not change your location in the database (xprofile fields/location tab) it is just represent your current temporary current location. so if you are in miami and your location in database is in paris other users that looking for members will still find you in paris and so the near by widget will display you only for someone that his current location is in paris.

    3) – the cookies above being used with the near by widget. so automatically you see results near your location. the results being queried from the database which means that it displays members by their location saved in the profile fields/location tab.

    – cookies also being used when a visitor of your site first go to a search page. it will automatically display results based on the location in the cookies.

    4) search form has nothing to do with the current location widget. the widget can show “Hello, you location is Fort lauderdale” but if you enter Miami in the search form the plugin will query results from the database that are near miami. However, if you click on the locate me button in the search form the plugin will get the current location of the user, save it to the cookies, automatically enter it to the search form and submit the form.

    Hopefully it answers your questions. and i think i got a brain damage writing and reading it.


    Well, it makes more sence now, but the cookie solution, why not a session. ?



    cookie can hold it longer. So if you come back in one hour or two days your location would still be there and won’t have to be asked again. This I guess is good If the user is at home or work and the location is the same. Anyway he can always change it if he is not at the same location. I guess I am trying to prevent the user from being asked to get location too often. Even if he leaves the site and come back after few minutes.



    I checked out the anwers and we understand a little better, couse we cant change the cookie.

    Tidsstämpel: 2012-11-03 02:49:37
    Fel: ReferenceError: cityYes is not defined
    Källkodsfil: geo-my-wp/js/locate.js?ver=3.4.2
    Rad: 315

    And on your testdrive, the slideDown hangs up


    Tidsstämpel: 2012-11-03 02:54:00
    Fel: URIError: malformed URI sequence
    Rad: 53

    And yes, The cookie is a privacy problem.

    Did you mail the test zip ? cant find it btw.


    checking on some other browsers, sometimes Firefox get flipped


    When do you get the error above? on my demo site?

    and i have not send it yet. trying to close few more holes
    this is the development copy that i want to send you.


    Ok. Thanks, I wait.

    Trying on every browser Opera, FF, Chrome On your site the slide down is buggy also got this When loading the page:

    Tidsstämpel: 2012-11-03 03:36:24
    Fel: URIError: malformed URI sequence
    Rad: 53


    However, I can fill in the field, but the reload of page returns the same cookie value all the time.

    Try : Helsinki Finland

    Or  Göteborg, Sverige


    On my own test drive:

    Right now Im stocked in “Köln, Germany” but it shows Cologne, Stockholms län. The cookie seems stuck somehow…

    All browsers


    can you please try my site now and see if it still hangs and get the error?


    First – Don kill the Location tab – The screen funcions will be important to “build extras on” Just dont depend on the slug location – everyone uses that.

    Ok. Here is a problem and the conclusions :

    It seems like the Tab “Location” are syncing the xprofile field, but not correctly.Well it is experimental, as you mention, but.

    If a user change the City or something in the location tab fields, or even leave it blank – it deletes the value in xprofile field. No, no, not good. And the changes saving in edit profile does not effect the Location field EXEPT the Street. But the savings in Location tab works well (but dangerous). You are thinking well of working with a better solution here.

    SHOULD at least be – xprofile field can send to location tab – not vice verca.


    The “Locate me” Button seems to use a cookie here as well, and its not getting erased when “delete my location”. I got another users cookie / location “succesfully located”. The cookie is a security problem, Should be a session. But at least Delete the cookie on Delete button.


    Sending and transporting comma sliced text – strings get messy with outside US. I can see how it comma separated wrong and confuses the Google API.

    The Address and LAT LONG field is totally overkill to see for a regular user. No one is pasting manually coordinates. At least hidden them. Only let users choose a icon – very useful, Handy and practical for shools and other stuff.

    The autosuggestion WORKS perfect with whatever part I choose, Like Helsinki or ONLY Germany. But this cant be used on mobile devices. The dropdown dont appear in iphones. But the “Locate me” will work – if it call a fresh check, not a cookie stuff.

    A cookie on my phone… not very “current” location…

    The suggested started location should be taken from Country + City xprofile field, NEVER state, then it will work everywhere. Zipcodes only typing manually, never build them, They are so diffrent ordered.


    Why not skip everything else on that page exept for that ONE suggestion field, and a map that updates, so I can see the fine tuning of choosing a longer adress. I using max-autosuggest before and I understand that it serves on the fly – If I type a city manually in the DISABLED ADDRESS – The lat and long doesnt update, it needs “a click” to check the string and return the coords, right? So just make a extra “SET” button if user focus the suggest-field and do the ajax call silent, fill the coords and show on the map as “validator”.

    The point is- Only ONE field visible for the user -With or without auto suggest, prefilled with xprofile data.

    1 button below: Autolocate (for GPS and smartphones)

    2 control map below that button – verifies the choises user made

    3 Save button | Delete my location button

    No auto link to save xprofile field. No extra visible address fields. If those are important, keep them in the edit profile groups as Required.

    KEEP the screen page, I call the location set in a modal pop – very useful with a screen already there.


    — Take the function Locate me (that works in all our test browsers and devices, languages and XP machines from 2005) and Use that one as an option instead of the IP thing.

    The Widgets NEAR BY is useless if my current location is at an antenna 60 kilometers from my true location.

    / wishlist



    The link is stum – no sliding down on Chrome and FF. Opera works fine. But the Ip now returns a mix of some other countries.


    I Think its CSS related. The site is broken in FF (the posts appears in aside) and in Chrome slightly to the right. any .on(‘click’) delegation calls target another container if a div is missing.


    Your testdrive is broken on Safari iphone too, but the SLIDE DOWN is working here…



    Ok. It might be a Json encoding related too. On my iphone I tried “Paris” and it reloaded correctly, Tried “Helsinki Finland” and it returns Stockholm Sk�ne

    The � means that the ISO is wrong and the json / ajax protocol doesnt handle letters ouside US. That messes things up. Now the iphone is frozen too when clicking on the link slide down trigger.

    The Chrome is stuck with some other funny letters.

    and opera hanged when feeding a euro letter like å ä ö


    All your php protocalls thats echoes by json script should be encoded UTF-8 without Boom, Not ANSI, you need to convert them and just re-save.

    It always works for me, using Notepad++ in windows.

    WP has a build in echo “decode” json-data somwhere I think to encode single echoes, but I don remember exactly


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