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    Brad B

    Hi, is it possible to add a live search function to the search? For example, if I am searching a custom field, having a predictive text as you type with the list of fields?

    Or compatibility with a plugin that activates this utility, such as Dave’s WordPress Live Search?

    I have seen articles regarding using this plugin (Daves) with other Search Plugins, such as WPSearch, by simply changing the database name in the functions.php.

    Any reply is appreciated. Thank you.



    As much as I know there are plugins that allows you to set the ID or Class tag of the fields which you would like to have the live search on.
    I think Ajaxy Live Search does so.

    Brad B

    I was able to set the class to use this plugin (ajaxy) in your search form, however the database it searches is that of my entire blog, instead of the actual database of custom fields I have set up on your search form. There is a way to assign the plugin to your form as well as search a custom database?

    Brad B

    After further review, it was take quite a bit of editing to get it to search specifically what I am looking for. Even with the database I need to query, the plugin’s results would replace your result page entirely.

    I am looking more for a jquery autocomplete, that would simply bring up the data of the field as you type. When the specific choice is clicked from the narrowed down dropdown list, it autocompletes the term as opposed to bringing up results.

    I would be willing to pay you if this would be a quick enough job to undertake.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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