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[Resolved]Location Does Not Save When Adding a New Group

Forums Groups Locator Location Does Not Save When Adding a New Group

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    Hi, the location does not save when adding a new group on the frontend, as reported here:

    I enter the location when creating the new group, and when I visit the newly created group, it says this group does not have a location. So I have to add the location again through the group’s ‘Manage’ area, and then it saves.

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    Hello Naomi,

    It is hard to know what causes the issue without seeing the live site. It could be a conflict with a theme or with another plugin, it could be a JavaScript error on the page which prevents the geocoder from working and others possibilities.

    Do you know how to look for JavaScript error on a page using the browser console?


    Hi, Eyal,

    Is this something that you’re able to replicate or no? The issue isn’t with the geocoder — it works great and fills in the correct location. The issue is that the location is not being saved during the group creation process. You have to go back to the group ‘Manage’ area and add the location again in order for it to stick.


    Hi, Eyal,

    This does appear to be related to the theme and/or plugins, but it’s odd that *only* the location setting is lost AND the location setting saves when you fill it in again.


    Hi Naomi,
    I tested the group creation on 2 of my test sites but It works fine. Do you know if/when you will have a live development site? I would gladly log-in and take a look at the issue for you.


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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