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[Resolved]Location issue?

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    Buddypress 2.2.1
    WP : 4.1.1
    Geo my WP 2.6.1
    Group locator 1.4
    Theme : Supernews

    I just purchased and installed the Groups Locator add-on for my website and experience some issues:

    In Buddypress group edit I see the Location “widget” and also the adres input fiels. After filling the fields it doesn’t save the adres.

    Also, when adding a new group in the “frontend” part, the steps for adding locations are shown, but also it doesn’t save anything.

    The “location” tab is shown in the group page. It only shows “This group does not have a location.”.

    Can you help out?


    Small update: I’ve installed “GMW version 2.5” and now the location adding works through the frontend (ADD GROUP) part.

    – Still; in step 4 of the add-group process I can enter the group location, it gives a google result but it doesn’t save anything. – I have to use the group admin – location tab again to save it’s location.


    Thank you for the purchase Domenique.

    1) The plugin at the moment does not support adding location to a group from the admin dashboard. Actually, the location tab in the admin dashboard suppose to be hidden ( seems to be a bug ). Adding location to a group via admin dashboard is planned for the next release of the plugin.

    2) Is it possible to provide me with a link to the live site where I could also create a group ( possibly a temp user login )? If so please update GEO my WP back to its latest version. I would like to see if the conflict is with GEO my WP ( the latest version ) or the add-on.

    Thank you


    1.) No problem, just when I add a location to the frontend group creation (which at this point I have to do twice as descriped in the previous post) and edit the group in the backend it “looses” the location data.

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    I uploaded a new version of the plugin which should take care of the issue that you are having when adding location in the front-end.
    I also added the ability to update group location from the back-end.


    Great job, thanks for the update and fast support!


    You are welcome. I am glad I could help.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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