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[Not resolved]Location tab contents not showing

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    Hi Eyal, I recently had some work done on my website to make it more automated. Since transferring the data from the test site to the live site, i have noticed that some of the contents is not showing such as location, notification and settings. Single location and member location is activated even though Google API has been set up properly. I have tried deactivating plugins incase there was a conflict between the plugins as you mentioned in other forums. I feel stuck and i am not sure where to go next from here. The theme i am using is rehub. WordPress version 4.9.6. Buddypress version 3.0.0. Please could you kindly help me as i am not sure on what to do next and have had my website in maintenance mode for a month! Thanks



    I need more details regarding any issues with the plugin. What exactly isn’t working.

    You mentioned that “location, notification and settings” are not showing. Which location and where? Which notification? GEO my WP does not have any notification system. And which settings are you referring to?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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