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Locator Icon and other minor issues

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    thank you again for your great work on the plugin. I did not work on my website over the last few weeks and have just updated the plugin to your latest version. I really like the changes. Unfortunately the locator icon is not shown within the form field as it is on your website. It looks like about 1/10 is shown in the field and 9/10 underneath. This does not look very neat.

    One other thing I was wondering about is the color of the text “Directions” on the single map. That is very difficult to read. Also the button is difficult to spot. I could change it in the code myself but would loose the formatting when updating. Maybe there is a way to add a functionality to change the color in the settings.

    Lastly I was wondering how you are progressing with the translation issue. In the plugin folder I already spotted a sub-folder “Languages”. I would be happy to translate the plugin into German. I would just need instructions on how to do it.

    Hope you are well.



    I am glad you liked the changes, finally I get a comment on that.
    About the locator Icon you can look at the class value of the DIV tag and add styling to your stylsheet to move it a little to fit within the input field. I will probably add an option in the next update to choose if to have the icon within the field or next to it. Since I can’t make it in a way that it will stay within in all themes.
    The direction link color you can also Easily change by adding the styling to your stylsheet. I made it white on top of the black background to make it stand out unless it came out differently on your site?

    About the translation.
    I started learning about it and tried a little test. that is why the folder is there. However, in the past 2 months I was working 24/7 on the new update and on the premium version. Since I was adding a lot of new things and made lot of changes I didn’t/couldn’t deal with translation at the same time since this is new to me.
    Now when the premium version is ready the next thing is deffinitly the translation. It’ll probably take some time but I’ll get it done.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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