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[Resolved]Making pins not show exact location

Forums Sweet Date Theme Integration Making pins not show exact location


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    At the moment, the map on the members page is showing the exact location of each user.

    I would like the pin for each user to just be tied to the down, not their exact longitude/latitude or street address/post code.

    How do I get it just to display the town?

    It’s a bit of a security concern if it’s showing a users exact location on a dating site!

    Thank you for your help



    Hi Gavin,
    That is not possible. The plugin displays the markers on the map based on the coordinates saved in database. The coordinates are generated based on the address the member enters in the location tab.

    One option is to limit the address fields that the members are able to enter; for example, to city/town and state.

    Another option is to wait to the next release of the plugin which includes new filters. Using one of the new filters you will be able to set the maximum zoom of the map. Means that you will be able limit the users from zooming in the map all the way down. You will be able to set it to zoom in just enough to see in which city or area the members located.


    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    Do you have a timescale for the next release? That would be a very useful feature.

    Could you let me know how I manage to restrict users to only submitting the city/town field please?

    Thank you



    I am going to release a beta of the next release within a couple of days. Then I usually take a week or two after the beta release to release the official update.

    To limit the address fields that the users enters you can simply hide the address fields ( in the Location tab ) that you don’t need ( ex. street ) using CSS.


    Wondering if you have released this yet.  I need to limit the zoom on both the Members Global Map and the Members Locator map.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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