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[Resolved]Map disappear in production site

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    Hi, i have a strange bug.
    I used the plugin on a website with “visual composer” and on the production server i can’t see the map while in the development server all is working.

    For example in production server i was not able to get locations till i geet the api key, i configured it and in the post editor all is working but on frontnet i get an error for missing api key.
    look this.

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    i solved this. I notice that the used theme has a call to maps api in functions.php without the ?key= parameter.
    I added my key there and all works


    Hi Winetrade,
    I am glad you got this working and thank you for sharing the solution.

    You should probably contact the theme’s developers and let them know about the missing API key. Since now Google requires an API key they should add an input box for it in the settings page.

    GEO my WP plugin should use the API key entered in the settings page in the front-end as well. However, since the theme also does an API request, it override the request made by GEO my WP.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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