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[Resolved]Map in widget GMW Single Location fails to load

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    I have been using the GMW Single Location widget to show a map in the sidebar to its relevant post.
    My plugin expired but I have renewed it and is active.
    Since renting maps fail to load and in some instances show the widget twice with no map.

    Please help.

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    Hello Nate,

    1) There is a JavaScript error being generated in your site ( see attached ) which could prevent the map from being generated properly. I also assume that it is the same reason the map on the main search page does not generate as well.

    My advice is to first find what generates the JavaScript error and fix it ( it could be another plugin or the theme ) then check if the map works.

    2) Im not sure the duplicated widget has to do with the plugin. As you can see in this page the widget is no being duplicated. That could also be something with the theme and the page setup ( just assuming ). Its hard to tell. The best way to check is to try a different theme.

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    Thanks for looking into my issues.
    Just to let you know, before the plugin expired, and I renewed it, it worked fine. I have not added or changed anything in my site since the expiry and renewal so I don’t know why this is suddlenly happening now. I haven’t I haven’t updated anything (plugins, pages, posts or theme) ether.

    Also there was no map in the homepage so no issue there.

    I will deactivate my plugins to see if these are by any chance causing the issue. If it is a particular plugin I’ll let you know which one but if not I will require further support.

    Many thanks,


    You are welcome Nate.

    The license key renewal ( thank you BTW ) definitely has nothing todo with it. The licensing system does not interact or effect the functionality of the plugin in anyway, it is required for updates and support only.

    And I mentioned that the map is not showing on the search page because when I look at the source code of the page I can see the map holder element in there. But the map is still not showing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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