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    I have inserted the short code but no matter what I do the map does not display at all. The code I am using to display the interactive map is this “[gmw map=”1″]”

    thank you,



    Hello Robert,
    The map should go together with [gmw form=”1″] or [gmw form=”results”] in the same page. It can only be displayed after a search form was submitted.
    Is that how you have it setup on your page?


    Hello, No I have a theme I wish to use but I had also purchased the jobify theme because that is the look we want but just on a different theme. So I got the geo manager and the styles plugin to recreate that interactive map on a different theme just like it is displayed in jobify. Though I can not even get the map to display which is the first step.


    I think I am a little lost.
    GEO Job Manager and GEO my WP are two different plugins. They can work together but still have their own unique features.
    You do not need GEO my WP in order for GEO Job Manager to work. But if you still use both of them ( which I assume you do ) so the above shortcode [gmw map=”1″] will not display a map without having a form submission as i described above.
    You will need to grab that functionality from the Jobify theme i believe.


    It will not just display all possible jobs available as the initial showing? or not just show local to someones computer location without search?


    Same boat here… sort of

    The map displays, but I would like a map without search and results.

    All I want is job locations.. and click there to the job page

    Did I buy the wrong plugin


    Right now GEO Job Manager add-on displays map only within search results. You could get the Global Maps add-on but that will only work with GEO my WP. So you could use that to display a map of all jobs but then you wouldn’t have the Proximity search functionality for GEO Job Manager.
    But hold tight. A jobs map short code is planned for the next updated of GEO Job Manager. A short code that will basically display all jobs an a map.


    A new update uploaded. The new update includes a new short code that display jobs on a map on page load.
    The short code is

    and the attributes are:
    map_width – map width in pixels or percentage
    map_height – map height in pixels or percentage
    jobs_count – max number of jobs to display

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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