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[Not resolved]map not showing

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    I have been using your plugin for a year without any problems. I recently tried setting up a second map for another custom post type. When I tried displaying the map and search form on a test page, the map isn’t showing up.

    I tried displaying the original map I’ve been using for a year on my test page, for testing purposes, but that isn’t showing up either. But it still displays in it’s original location.

    I installed the google api checking in chrome. It displays fine on the original map page. It doesn’t show anything on the test page with either map.

    anyway I’m totally confused. Any help would be appreciated.



    This might be a javascript error that prevents the map from showing on the test page.

    Can you provide me with a link to the test page?


    Thanks for the response. Sorry I haven’t responded yet, but I’ve been on holiday over Easter weekend.

    I need to display the search results for the map to work. You can’t show just the map, which makes sense.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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