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[Resolved]Map not showing up / Resume search

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    Phil Willson


    Thanks for the plugin! Bought it, having two issues; I’m using the Jobify theme:

    1. I can’t get the front end functionality to work, though I CAN get the admin functionality to work. The geo content DOES appear in the admin post editor; the auto complete DOES work on both the front end and the admin; but neither the search functionality nor the map appear on the search page where the shortcode [jobs gjm_use=”2″] is, and the jobs themselves don’t have the map shown on them, though they DO show the space where the map should be.

    2. I thought (though I suppose I should have confirmed) that the plugin would also add geo information to resumes in the WP Job Manager – Resume Manager extension. For the resumes, I can get the geo information to be added to the resume through the admin function, but the auto complete doesn’t work at the front end, the search functionality and the map don’t appear on the resume search, and the resume itself doesn’t contain the map. Is there any way I can make this plugin work with the Resume Manager extension?


    Phil Willson

    Update: the Geo My WP search feature sometimes shows up, and sometimes doesn’t. I don’t know why, as I’m not making any changes in the interim, but the search features show up on the search page occasionally, but not always… maybe 10% of the time, if I continually refresh the page.


    Hi Phil,
    Thank you for the purchase.

    Geo job manager is not meant to work with the resume plugin, at least it was not built that way. So I am thinking it might be a conflict between Resume and GEO job Manager. Can you please deactivate the Resume plugin and see if Geo Job Manager works as it should?

    Phil Willson

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Just tried it — didn’t solve the problem. But I agree with the direction — there’s probably a conflict with another plugin.

    The larger issue (for me) is making it work with the resumes; for my particular business model, the resume search is much more important than the job search. Do you have any recommendations for getting it to work with the resumes, or should I not use the plugin and find some other method to achieve the goal of more accurate resume searches?


    1) Can you please try activating other plugins to see if it is a conflict. Will be easier for me to fix the issue if I know when it comes from.

    2) I already had a request about the resume plugin. Thing is that even though the resume plugin is an add-on for WP Job Manager it was built with its own complete system which makes it look like I will need a separate add-on for that.
    But let me take a second look at that and see if I am wrong about that.

    First things most important is if we could find where the conflict ( if there is one ) comes from.

    Thank you,

    Phil Willson

    Solved the jobs search! I think. Deactivating, the reactivating the Jobify theme seems to have fixed the problem. Now the GMW functionality appears each time I load the job search page. I’ve refreshed the page 50 times just to make sure. =D

    Okay, cool.

    I definitely need the resume search functionality. If it needs to be a separate paid add-on, so be it. I understand you need to make a living! =) The sooner, the better, as I can’t release the next version of the site until the resume search improves substantially beyond what’s available in the Resume Manager plugin… and the GMW plugin seems like it’s perfect for the job…


    Awesome! Thank you for finding the issue.

    And I will look into the resume plugin again today.
    And the main reason I think it will need its own add-on ( but also to make a living 🙂 ) is because it has its own complete system which will need to have the same exact functionality the Geo job Manager has. And quick testing it looks like Resume plugin doesn’t even need the WP Job Manager installed in order to work. Am I wrong?

    So I wouldn’t won’t to squeeze two systems into one add-on when not all users will use both of them unless I can find a way that one geo system will work for both plugins.

    I will keep you update during the weekend about my findings.

    Phil Willson

    Thank you, sir!

    I tried deactivating the WP Job Manager to see if the Resume Manager would work without it, and it doesn’t function; it needs the WP Job Manager to work.

    Here’s the link to the Resume Manager created for the WP Job Manager:

    It’s a paid add-on, so if you need to have a look, I can create a temporary admin login for my site so you can see it.

    Hope you have quick success geo-ing it!


    This is the add-on that I have installed but you are correct. What happened is that once I deactivated WP Job Manager the Resume Post types were still showing in the backend and that is why I assumed that it is still working. I haven’t done any “deep” testing.

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