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    I am hoping to make a few changes to the info window design and order. I would prefer the distance to be listed first and truncate the City, State and Zip from the Info window pop up. Also change the css of the results. Can you direct me to where the code it that determines this so I can reorder it and where the style.css is for the window. Thank you.


    Hi Joseph,

    You can modify the order of the infobox content in the following location:

    wp-content\plugins\geo-my-wp\plugins\friends\includes\gmw-fl-search-query-class.php – At approx line 301 you will find a function called “public function info_window_content( $member )”. The $output variable here is what holds the infobox content. Re-order as necessary.

    The CSS is located in wp-content\plugins\geo-my-wp\assets\css\style.css – One of the classes I have identified at a glance is called “.wppl-fl-info-window”. I recommend using Firebug for Firefox or Chrome to play around with the CSS.

    Happy tinkering 🙂


    Thanks, but minor modifications aren’t showing any difference to the content. I’m not sure this is the right place as this seems like the buddypress info window for members as opposed to plain old posts? Anywhere else to look? EDIT: same thing but in the POSTS directory not friends I will tinker while I know updates to the plugin will overwrite them I enjoy it anyway.


    Hello @Joseph,
    I apologize for the delayed reply on this. And thank you @Paul for providing a suggestion, which is indeed for BuddyPress members rather than posts.

    You should not modify the code file, since as you suggested the changes will be gone when you update the plugin.

    At the end of the info_window function there are 2 filters:

    Using those filters you can modify the info window content dynamically instead of modifying the core file.

    The script below will move the distance to the top of the info window and will remove the address. You can place it in the functions.php of your theme and modify it as you wish to get the best results:

    Let me know if this helps.


    Brilliant as always, Eyal. Thanks! Could this be accomplished with your Premium Settings plugin as well? Do you offer a lifetime Premium Plugin purchase or only yearly?


    Here’s what I ended up with

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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