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[Resolved]Map with individuals and groups.

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    How can I make a map that includes both individuals and groups?

    How can I display a map with check boxes beneath, one for groups and one for individuals, and set the groups selected by default? I want to allow individuals to appear, but not by default, and I’d like it to be simple enough that checking the tick box for “Show individuals” makes them appear as well?



    And then more advanced, how would I make multiple tick boxes for different taxonomies of groups or individuals?


    Hello Hamish,
    Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to all of that you mentioned above. At the moment a map can only display a single component such as groups or Individuals or posts and so on. To display multiple components on a single map requires a good amount of custom work.

    I apologize that I don’t have a solution for you at the moment.


    THey Eyal,

    I’ve got a developer on staff so we can work on it.

    You you suggest extending your plugin or doing something independent?

    It would just be running a few different queries (groups/group taxonomies/individuals) and pushing them to a google map, wouldn’t it? Should we try to hook in to your plugin or depend on your plugin for group/individual creation and query the database separately?



    Hello Hamish,
    I haven’t tried it myself yet but I am pretty sure that you can extend the plugin using hooks and functions that it provides to achieve the above. Yes, basically you will need to add custom queries to pull any locations from databased and push them to the map.

    GEO my WP 3.0 is under development. It is a major update of the plugin with major core changes/improvements. The database tables structure has changed and now there is a single database table that will hold the different location components data. That’s instead of having a locations database table for each component such as posts, users, groups and so on.
    Also there is a new Location API class that makes it easy to pull, save, update, delete ( and so on ) location data. Many new Classes, hooks and functions to make GEO my WP easily extendable. The main focus of GEO my WP is to be more developer friendly.

    I am not yet sure when I will have the first beta of GEO my WP ready, ( hopefully in a month or so ) but it might make your requirements above easier to complete.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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