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    Recentley changed to buddyboss theme, map was displaying for a while but now I cant get it to display, it should be located on Members page and Members map page.

    Cant change location from profile showing error

    The auto grab location isn’t working either

    tried deactivating all plugins

    Hoping can sort this as its a great feature to site


    Hello Bernard,
    1) Have you done anything like updating GEO my WP or its add-ons ?
    2) Which version of GEO my WP and any of its add-on are you using?
    3) Can you post a link to the live page?



    i fixed most the problems, was just not set up correct

    I am using latest versions

    Still one problem, I want to have a seperate page with just a map of current members, When I add a shortcode to this page page is just blank.

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    How did you create the map? are you trying to do it using normal GEO my WP form or are you using the Global Maps add-on?


    Normal GEO My WP


    any word back on this?


    With the current version of GEO my WP It is not possible to create a mashup map of members out of the box. It is only possible using Global Maps add-on. However, it is possible with the next version of GEO my WP ( under development ) which I want to release soon. I tried to release it before the holidays but I didn’t make it. I will do my best to release it this coming week,


    OK look forward to it cheers. I have GMW Add-on – Members Directory so it displays on the members page.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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