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[Resolved]Map won't show on hidden tab

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    The map won’t load inside of a hidden tab. It seems to be an issue when calling the google map as mentioned here:

    The idea is to have two tabs in the landing page. The first tab shows static content and the second tab shows the jobs list with the map. The problem is that the job list loads fine but the map is empty. However, if the second tab is open by the user quickly before the job list loads, the map shows up fine.

    Some tutorials recommend simple solutions but I’d prefer to have your opinion to fix the issue.


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    Hi Givo,
    Try the steps below:
    1) Give the map a unique ID by adding the shortcde attribute gjm_element_id=”10″ ( change the value 10 to anything else as you wish ) to the [jobs] shortcode.

    2) add the script below to the functions.php file of your theme and change the value 10 in mapId = 10; to the element ID you set above and change “#tab” in jQuery( ‘#tab’ ) to the ID tag of the tab that you use:

    Give this a try and let me know if it works.


    Thank you! It worked 🙂

    However, the same problem is happening with the resumes map (Resumes Manager GeoLocation add-on). I tried following the same instructions, replacing “gjm_” with “grm_” but didn’t work.

    Can you please point me in the right direction to solve the issue with the resumes map too?


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    You are welcome.

    Try the script below:

    You need to set different element ID's for both jobs and resumes. For example, gjm_element_id="1" in the [jobs] shortcode and grm_element_id="2" for [resumes].

    Then, the only values, in the script above, that you need to change based on your needs are the first 4 top values:

    Let me know if that helps.


    Thanks but unfortunately it didn’t work. Even the jobs map won’t show inside the tab after adding the script.

    The first solution worked fine to show up the jobs map inside the tab. Can you please suggest a similar solution for the resumes map (separately) it may work better.



    The script should work if you set the values properly. I have it working on my test site.

    Please post here the script you placed in your functions.php file after the changes you made and a link to the live site if possible.



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